Friday, June 20, 2008

Ghost Bees

While randomly browsing MySpace I discovered the wonderful Ghost Bees and soon after I was surprised by Ghost Bees' debut album that was in the mail! Despite my plans of sharing it with you immediately it got lost in all the wonderfull other releases in the last few months.
Ghost Bees started in 2005 as large group but in 2007 was pared down to just Romy and Sari Lightman, twin sisters from Halifax. Romy plays guitar, Sari plays mandolin, and both sing. On their 2008 debut album, Tasseomancy, their friend Amber Phelps-Bonderoff joins them on viola. Ghost Bees is a must for lovers of (alternative) folk, and lovely harmonies!

@ Halifax, Canada
Indie, Folk, Alternative
Vampires of the West Coast (mp3)
Sinai (mp3)


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