Saturday, October 11, 2008

We need your help.

I just noticed that my hotlinkfiles account ran out of bandwith. This can be explained by the growing visitor rate of this blog. Which of course is a good thing! Unfortunately are free accounts at hotlinkfiles limited to a 4GB bandwidth each 15 days. And more users means more use of bandwith, especially if other blogs are using my links on their blog!

I thought about a solution, and all I came up with, is asking you, the readers for a small donation so I can buy a VALUE account at hotlinkfiles for a monthly price of only $4,99. That value account will give me an bandwith of 30GB and UNLIMITED download speed for YOU! (More here)

To give a little donation, press the Paypal button on the sidebar/menu. (will be up soon)

Thanks a million in advance, for helping us out, and giving us the oppertunity to share more music with you!

If you have a better solution; please comment!

UPDATE: I upgraded my account, songs will load a lot faster now, and we have a bandwith of 30GB, thanks to Jelmer for the donation!


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i have 1 suggestion,
you could host the mp3s on

ps: your link that goes to the upgrade section doesn't work for me, because i'd need to be logged in on the site with an account to view


Sick, utterly sick.

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