Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gold Motel

Ever since I discovered the indie pop/rock band The Hush Sound and heard Greta Morgan’s vocals in “Wine Red” I daydreamed of her going solo, or at least release an album on her own. Not that I did not like The Hush Sound, I just prefer female vocalists as many of you loyal readers won’t be surprised to hear. That why I was very happy to find out that the last album of THS was filled with Greta Morgan fronted songs, and was very sad when THS announced their indefinite hiatus. A few months after the news, the hiatus actually turned out to be not such a bad thing after all. Greta Morgan announced on her Twitter that she was recording solo material! This proves; sometimes your dreams might become real. The following months I kept checking Greta Morgan’s twitter page, to eventually found out that her solo project would be called Gold Motel. When the first Gold Motel song “Perfect In My Mind”, a perfect cheerful and upbeat song, surfaced on MySpace, it made my anticipation for the upcoming EP even higher (if that was even possible). The Gold Motel EP, released last month, contains five indie pop gems about life, love and everything in between. The songs vary from the very catchy and hooky and instant favorite “The Cruel One” where Greta sings about breaking up, and therefore being the cruel one to the, in my eyes, most THS-like song “Who Will I Be Tonight?” where she sings about being left/cheated on. There’s not a song on the EP you won’t like, and if the upcoming full length album, coming this June, is only half as good and endearing as this first release, we’re up for a treat!



I couldn't agree more.


Even though I miss the Hush Sound, I enjoy the path Greta is taking with Gold motel.


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