Friday, May 7, 2010

Jess Penner

Growing up on a small Banana farm in Hawaii to a free spirited song writing, husky voiced father and beautiful, swing dancing, business savvy mother. Jess Penner’s childhood was sweeter than most. Perfect sunny days walking barefoot to the beach and fishing with the neighborhood boys would be more than a dream for most kids. But Jess had dreams much bigger. Signing her first record deal at age 16, Jess spent the next decade fully committed to her dream. Two bands, seven nationally distributed records and over 1000 live shows later Jess is now releasing her debut solo album "Love Love Love" that's filled with quirky, fun pop songs that Jess hopes "to make people smile, laugh, and feel alive" And after one listen only, it already became clear that she gloriously succeeded doing all of that with this album that brings summer even closer.



All one word, perfect! :)

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