Wednesday, February 1, 2012


For today's feature I have to give credit to the amazing iPad app BandADay, readers with an iPad should really give it a try! Last week I stumbled upon the folkpop duo Destry. Destry consists of Michelle DaRosa and Tyler Odom, who have known each other for the better part of ten years but it’s only been in the last two years that they have gone from friends to band mates. Both of them experienced success in previous musical acts, Straylight Run and Northstar/Cassino respectively, but their time together in Destry has brought them in a different direction. Old fans and new were introduced to the project with their debut release “It Goes On” in late 2009. The duo believes it is their new record that will showcase their musical direction and capabilities with Destry. The songs are dreamy, upbeat, 60’s pop beauties that are equal parts charming and engaging. If “It Goes On” was an introduction, the upcoming release "Waiting On An Island" will be a band-defining album of work that will allow Destry to stand on it’s own.

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Destry is one of my favourite discoveries from last year. :)


They are really great, I specially love their first album "It Goes On", it's so beautiful...

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