Monday, February 15, 2010

Cady Groves

Discovered this talented girl quite a while ago on MySpace, did not have the time to share her with you back then. Still quite busy with a lot of projects for college so added a part of Cady's selfwritten bio underneath for you to read. I remember when I realized what I wanted to do in life. I was helping my mom clean out our swimming pool when an old Frank Sinatra song came on the radio. I remember saying, "Mom, I want to write things down that I have to say, and I want to sing them real loud so everyone can hear me." I was seven at the time. Ever since that moment, making music has continued to be my goal. Writing has always been a constant escape for me. A lot of horrible things have happened in my life, and without the ability to write my feelings down and communicate them with a melody; they essentially would have blown up inside of me, for all I know. Sometimes an entire song and melody will pop into my head at a gas station, or some place unexpected. I'll press the record button on my phone and sing the whole thing right there so I won't forget it. It's such a privilege and much fun for me to write songs, and then have them actually be accepted by people. If I have one thing to say--I just want people to know they are not alone. I've made a lot of mistakes, and have experienced a lot of hurt. But the one thing I feel like you can do with pain, is make it your art. If you can turn it into something you can sing along to, the healing will come through that. To imagine one of my songs could change or help someone, or make them feel like someone understands them, makes this all just that much more amazing. It's not about me being a role model, and never will be. I'm part of the crowd. I just want to speak for the whole. We're in this together. Cady released her first EP "A Month Of Sundays" in the fall of last year, and will be releasing her debut album "Life of a Pirate" next month, pre-order it here.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sonya Cotton

San Francisco-based Sonya Cotton was born and raised in the East, where as a child, she actively pursued dance, theater, voice, and visual arts. These interests eventually led her to Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY where she majored in Studio Art. It was at Vassar that Sonya began writing and performing her own songs. Her first collection of songs became the 2005 8-song release "Baltimore Trees," arranged and recorded by fellow student and bandmate Chris Kiehne. Following graduation Sonya traveled, and lived in New York City, Philadelphia, and Berkeley, CA, all the while writing and performing the songs that would become her next album: "Out of the Ocean" Her journey ended in San Francisco, where Sonya only intented to stay for a few months. A few months extended to two years and counting, due to the welcoming artistic community, the beauty of the city and it's surroundings, and a close-knit group of friends that in time has become family. Shortly after arriving in San Francisco Sonya met the musicians that would become her bandmates: Anna Perlmutter (vocals, violin,) Nick Stargu (classical guitar,) Gabe Dominguez (vocals, flute,) and Sean Jones (bass guitar.) Labeled "The Frida Khalo of songwriting," Sonya's compositions are deeply personal, drawing upon her dreams, family, and love; they often come from a place of profound reverence for the natural world and the creatures of the earth. In singing about wild spaces (rivers, woods, mountains,) and the animals that inhabit them, she hopes to bring herself and others in touch with the sacredness of these spaces, and to contemplate and critique our culture's compulsion to exploit and destroy these creatures and spaces. Throughout "Red River" Sonya also explores the destruction that can occur interpersonally, between family members, and in loving relationships.

@ San Francisco, USA
♫ Acoustic, Folk, Pop
♥ Red River (mp3)
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And the winner is.....

You may have already noticed the new blog description, yesterday I chose, out of a total of 25 entries, Nene Al as the winner of the contest. She came with the following line: Let Me Like It...because there's a life outside the spotlights. I changed it a little bit and now this blog is officialy called:

Let Me Like It
music outside the spotlights

I want to thank everyone that entered the contest, and don't give up yet, there's a