Thursday, May 26, 2011


Although I recognized some of her pictures during my quest for a beautiful photo for this post It was really the amazing folk duo "The Civil Wars" that recommended today's featured "Daughter" on their facebook page. I'm glad they did. Daughter's debut "His Young Heart" EP is a real treat for your ears. Featuring four songs, with beautiful vocals and heartbreaking honest lyrics that will make you want more. Daughter's Elena Tonra Grew up in a quiet part of north London and spent her days listening to her parent’s vinyl collections and older brother’s rock CDs. Later she discovered the beauty of acoustic and folk inspired music and started to create stories and poems which formed the skeletons of her songs. While wearing clothes that old people may well have died in, and a bowl-cut the Beatles would be proud of, Daughter tells tales of ghosts, drowning lovers and setting fire to her insides for fun. Don't hesitate and give the EP a listen at her Bandcamp page, or download the free track beneath! As a bonus there is a demo EP available for FREE from here.

@ London, UK
♫ Folk, Pop, Acoustic

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gabrielle Aplin

The earlier post was accidentally deleted by Blogger in the last few days, sorry for the inconvenience.

No, I did not discover singer-songwriter and internetsensation Gabrielle Aplin through YouTube.. Unfortunately I was not so lucky to discover her so soon. But it was last year when I stumbled upon her "Acoustic EP" somewhere that I fell in love with her voice. Now with the release of her second "Never Fade EP" it's the perfect opportunity to share this gem with you! I just learned that Gabrielle achieved to gather an enormous fanbase just from her bedroom, she's again a perfect example what you can reach with (besides a great voice/and lots of talent of course) with social media nowadays. She for example had iTunes chart success more than five million plays on Youtube and millions of plays on MySpace.At eighteen, Gabrielle Aplin is the self-taught; self promoted singing, piano and guitar playing internet sensation. With beautiful vocals and a raw talent for song writing, Gabrielle's EP's are a great listen. Don't miss out!

@ Bath, UK
♫ Acoustic, Folk, Pop