Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Angie Arsenault

Montreal singer, songwriter and soul miner Angie creates at the convergence of these two streams, pairing natural, tangible vitality with an inner-born, epic sensuality that spans the lands of real and imagined. And she’s never even been to Australia. A formidable foe demands a formidable talent, and here Angie is as fearsome as they come, wielding a twin-chord attack of the piano and vocal variety, supported by a full band (bass, drums, violin and cello) and a deadly array of writing. Whether it’s sweeping emotional arcs in the manner of an Amos or Amy Lee, or feather-gentle evocation reminiscent of countrywomen McLachlan and Kreviazuk, on the eve of the release of her album debut, the fittingly titled Once Upon a Dream, Angie has already risen to the level of her peers. Born into music on Canada’s East Coast, the Acadian-cum-Montrealer knows that big countries demand big ideas. And a big family doesn’t hurt either. Angie was to write her first song, at only 10 years of age, on that piano. From there an almost pre-ordained progression through teenage Prince Edward Island rock bands (handling keyboards/vocals for a touring pop band at only 13 years old) and short-lived music academia (classical music and opera at Université de Moncton), pursuits that never quite kept pace with her own exploding passions. On the topic of showmanship, as in music as in performance, Angie is adept at both creating space and using it, properly according the live venue the respect it deserves, and deservedly taking everything she can from the experience and sharing it thusly.

@ Montreal, Canada
Pop, Alternative, Folk Rock
♥ Merry Go Round (mp3)
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