Friday, February 29, 2008

Lyla Foy

Next up is Lyla Foy, a 21-year-old singer songwriter from central London. Lyla sidesteps this bracket neatly and the only thing she has in common is the knack to pen a catchy tune. Lyla doesn't do this alone, she is backed up on a cramped stage by 6 other musicians who demonstrate they are more than able, with each song highlighting their talent. Fear not, for there are no cymbals on fire or lengthy guitar solos played with teeth, but musical vignettes with real quirk, 'Back and Forth' and pop charm, Fifteen Minutes of Fame'. The band rattle through tracks 'Fly on The Wall', 'Unladylikely' and 'Wild One' which are due to form the backbone of Lyla's debut album. Where her counterparts have recorded in their bedrooms, garage or on a cheap four track, Lyla has her sights set much higher and is due to begin recording in the coming weeks at Abbey Road no less. Lyla has a steely determination and her ambition is unquestionable. Five minutes in her company and you are left dizzy and enthused. A fan of Joanna Newsom, Wallis Bird, Imogen Heap and KT Tunstall, Lyla regularly uses the internet to find fellow up-and-coming artists and is a music fan as well as musician. When asked if music has always been her love she shares with me the day her career as an ice-skater finished and the day her career as a musician started: "I was fourteen or fifteen and chubby, wearing Lycra outfits made me look like a hamster". The ice-skating world's loss is our gain. This girl has talent and is an A&Rs dream: bags of talent, fresh ideas and breathlessly beautiful with a knowing innocence. With the right people to oversee her it won't be long before Lyla Foy blossoms into full bloom."

@ London, UK
Alternative, Indie, Folk
Fly On The Wall (mp3)
Official Website


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