Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Elíza - Empire Fall

Pop, Alternative, Rock

While listening to this album it came to me that all music from Iceland has something in common. All have a fresh, ethereal sound mostly created by (exotic) electronic instruments such as bells, triangles etc. Elíza's debut album "Empire Fall" is no exception. The album consists eleven beautiful songs, some enrichened with Elíza's violin, that gives it just that little bit of originality. It opens with the guitardriven title song Empire Fall, remainings from her time fronting Bellatrix (an Icelandic rock band) Hjartagull however, is a soft, almost acoustic song with beautiful Icelandic lyrics. Return To Me is the example of a perfect ballade, and with Island it's just like she's referring to Iceland and it's surrounding sea. The following Queen of Solitude and Stone Heart are my personal favorite tracks of the album, and show that this woman, is one to look out for.


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