Tuesday, March 10, 2009


"Abundant, charming folk songs with amazing piano pieces make this encroyable enjoyable"
After Coeur de Pirate, one of my favorite discoveries last year, another french singer-songwriter/composer caught my eye. Chat sings and plays the piano in her abundant and very original folky pop songs with so much honesty and charm, make that you can't help falling in love..
Chat is originally from the East of France where she spent the first years of her life. She discovered classical music in childhood, and quickly took piano lessons. She attended the Conservatorium in Boulogne, where she received a first prize in piano and was seriously considering a career as a proffesional piano player. The important thing is that during this past year in Switzerland, chatting, began to compose small pieces. In 2006, she accompanied her boyfriend in London. Lo. She liked London for the is ideal unusual events. One day I came across a type with which I found myself playing the piano that evening, on stage. He was dressed as a woman and sang into a megaphone, a song from Ella Fitzgerald, with two strippers next to him. To earn a living, Chat taught piano while composing her first songs, it was only after a while, she decided to sing. It was during this period it is on MySpace where Vanessa, also based in London, commented and invited her to plays her songs in front of an audience for the first time. Shortly thereafter, the English Decca label contacted her, but she eventually ended up signing with Capitol France, and adopted the name Chat. In terms of modern influences, Chat really likes Radiohead Feist, or Keren Ann. She is also fascinated by Björk and Bat For Lashes she saw on stage recently and adored. For Chat, who also sings in English on "Folie Douce" the lyrics count. Double or even triple. She has always written and especially read a lot. Recently, Chat, definitely a strange bird, gave some concerts in apartments; live, she is in her element.



Great blog.
Thanks for sharing.
I totally agree with you, she's a good pianist!

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