Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Hello everyone, I'm back from France. Since last friday actually. Yesterday all college madness started again, but you really deserve some new music so I saved some time to post this. Enjoy!
Leena is one of my latest discoveries found through a random MySpace browse. She describes herself as "a girl who moved from Hobart to Marseilles to Cork to Fremantle To Los Angeles To Melbourne. And after writing a million songs, having a million adventures and meeting a million lovely people, the time came to release her first EP called ‘Mean Old Clock’ which released a few months ago in Australia. She's find inspiration in other talented aussie's like Bob Evans, Whitley, Josh Pyke and our earlier featured Jess McAvoy. And also has been playing support slots for some on that list. Leena is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (she plays the electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, synths, ukelele in her songs) Australia can be proud of!


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