Thursday, December 24, 2009


We are all the sum parts of what we see, what we feel, who we meet, where we live, who we love and how we process this crazy mother of 21st century life. Rokhsan Heydari is a remarkable embodiment of the world today. Daughter to a British/Indian mother and Persian father, she has the stunning look of a Saudi beauty queen and a truly international attitude in her style and manner. She is also multi-lingual speaking French, Spanish, Persian and English. Playing piano from the age of 6, and then picking up vocals, guitar, drums, production and now violin, Rokhsan has continued to develop her writing and live performance skills at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, immersing herself in every opportunity made available. Over a period of 3 years Rokhsan played literally hundreds of live shows with the Huw Stephens’ recommended Worst Case Scenario label mates, Little Things, as well as showcasing her solo material. Now at just 22, Rokhsan’s solo work has a beautifully crafted charm of folk, soul and pop with a touch of Eastern frailty in her vocal phrasing. This has created a small storm at radio and in A & R circles way ahead of her first single release on Worst Case Scenario records in October 08. In June a performance witnessed by key Radio 1 staff led to a crowd pleasing Glastonbury slot on the BBC Introducing stage. Imminent shows at Bestival and Manchester’s In The City, quite simply because they love her, are all clear signs of big things to come.



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Uau! I realy love this girls e this blog - favorited already.

Rokhsan is beautiful.

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