Monday, June 7, 2010

Free Music: Christine Hoberg

Christine Hoberg was recommended by Dieter, a reader and friend. Christine is a singer-songwriter originally from the Great Lakes region of the US. Her LP ‘Nice’ which she wrote, produced, & co-arranged, was released in October 2008. Christine recorded ‘Nice’ backwards according to most album standards, laying down vocals first a cappella to a click track, and later adding piano, guitar, upright bass, cello, and strings. The credits are a complete mash-up of local metro Detroit talent. ‘Nice’ mixes dreamy vocals and throwback jazz with cheeky shots at Hoberg’s exes. It has been described as ‘a mix of vivid orchestrations and gritty vocals’. Her past pieces focused on a pop-head meets the blues mentality often times focusing on intense melodic layering and extensive vocal vamping. The good news is that her album "Nice" now can be downloaded for FREE from here.
1. Nice
3. Nutcase
4. J'aime
5. Mon Chat Amour
6. Foolish
8. Fish Lips
9. Take Me Away
10. Weaknesses
11. Wore It Down


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