Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beach House

A lot, I actually think most of you already heard from the amazing dream pop duo Beach House, but since they weren't on LMLI yet and the fact that I have been listening to their last album "Teen Dream" quite a lot the last few months and have seen them play in Amsterdam, I had to share them with you. No one should miss out on the music of this  amazing duo. They formed in 2005 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. The group consists of Victoria Legrand (vocals, organ) and Alex Scally (guitar, keyboards). Legrand is the niece of french composer Michel Legrand. The group has released three albums: 2006’s “Beach House”, 2008’s “Devotion” and “Teen Dream” in early 2010. Within a year of formation, the group charmed indie music enthusiasts across the blogosphere with their languid songcraft. Two months later, Beach House issued their eponymous debut album for Carpark. In September of 2009 Sub Pop Records announced that Beach House had signed and that a follow up album to 2008’s “Devotion”, “Teen Dream” would be released in early 2010

@ Baltimore, USA
♫ Alternative, Dream Pop



Beach House is one of those bands I've always been meaning to listen to more but have never gotten around to. They really don't deserve such neglect!


I second Melee's comment. I'm really loving this. There's a real dreamy and light texture to their sound that I'm really digging.

Great post. I'm glad I stopped by, and certainly will again!

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