Wednesday, February 23, 2011

John Blek & The Rats

When seeing my favorite artists live, I always  hope they bring great supportacts, wouldn't be the first time that a support act becomes one of my favorite artists. The same could have happened if I would go see Caitlin Rose in Germany in the next few days, with her supportact John Blek & The Rats. I really am thankful of Caitlin for mentioning them on her facebook, cause these guys are great! John Blek & The Rats are John (vocals, guitar, banjo), Niall (drums, harmonium), Luke (bass), Aisling (vocal, mandolin, harmonium) and for the Christmas tour Jack (electric guitar). Taking their inspiration from the revelry of music and friends, the bitter end of the bottle, the bruising passage of life and all that comes with it, John Blek and the Rats are a fresh folk outfit from Cork whose melancholy is tempered by a penchant for a good ol’ hodown and a hollerin’. Raised on a diet of the American folk and ballads of their fathers, John Blek and the Rats are a band whose main aspiration is the song. Currently set to release their third EP “A Long Way From Home”, they are on tour which with some international dates in London and Berlin as well. Don't forget to watch their latest music video for Take Me Home.

@ Cork, Ireland
♫ Folk, Pop



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