Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jen Lane

Jen Lane is a rising Canadian recording and performing musician from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. At just 16 years old, her self-produced debut CD, "Sleepless", was nominated by the Prairie Music Alliance for Outstanding Album-Independent, at the 2000 Prairie Music Awards.
Jen has been very busy since the release of "Injection", producing two demo CDs. before turning her attention to recording a full-on, self-produced, commerical radio-ready album. This release, called appropriately enough, "Jen Lane", went on to receive a $10 000 grant and lots of airplay from Rawlco Radio.
Keep your ears to the ground; you'll lose yourself in her beautiful music.

@ Saskatoon, Canada
Folk, Indie, Pop
Coming Down (mp3)
Official Website


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