Thursday, May 29, 2008

Peggy Sue and the Pirates

This is one of the bands I found a while ago, but forgot about.

The "band" consists of two friends Rosa Rex and Katy Raw and their guitar "Stud" which they are refering to as their boyfriend. They sing in beautiful harmonies, a selection of ‘doo-be-doos’ and an armful of bass lines and began gigging in Brighton at the beginning of 2006. Every month of 2008 the duo will be releasing (like many artist did before;i.e. Bishop Allen, Jon Foreman) a limited edition CD featuring demos of old and new songs and covers they like. All will be recorded in one day, and tracklist will be revealed last day of each month. I hope they will release an album afterwards with favorite tracks, since importing all those albums would be a little too pricey!

@ Brighton, UK
Indie, Acoustic, Alternative
Superman (mp3)
The New Song (mp3)
Official Website


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