Monday, July 7, 2008


A few days ago, I discovered this wonderful band, and immediately fell in love with their sound. Surprisingly they're not signed yet, because all songs on their debut EP are great!
Castledoor is an independent band based in Silverlake, California, formed in September 2004. The band consists of Nate Cole (lead vocals/acoustic guitar), Gabriel Combs (guitars/keys/vocals), Quinn Schwartzel (bass), Joel Plotnik (drums), Lisa Cole (keys/vocals), and Coury Jane Combs (vocals/synth) produce an unique organic, melodic genre of music. Originally, they were only releasing music through their MySpace and PureVolume profiles, however on July 25, 2006, they released their debut EP, "Follow the Dove" on CDbaby. Fortunately, Castledoor went into the studio in February 2007 and their next release, the "Till We Sink" 7" will be out July 29th.


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