Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lindsey Ray

A friend of mine, Dieter, also a reader of this blog; recommended this girl to me.

At the tender age of five, Lindsey Ray declared to her family, "When I grow up, I'm going to be a singer." Focusing early on her singing, Lindsey grew up performing regularly in her hometown of Belfast, Lindsey began writing and composing her own original songs, a step she needed for her own satisfaction. She wrote one of her first songs, “A Song for Sam,” after the death of a friend in the fall of 2005. Finally, with nothing but a piano and herself, Lindsey was able to become the true artist she was always meant to be. Lindsey caught the eye of Original Signal Recordings when she uploaded a video for "Wake Me Up" Now in the process of writing and recording her first album, Lindsey strives to stay true to herself and to write real music that touches the soul. Her newest song "Goodbye From California," co-written with Justin Gray (Joss Stone, Emma Bunton), was recently featured in the season finale of MTV's The Real World: Hollywood.

@ Los Angeles, USA
Indie, Pop
Goodbye From California (mp3)



Wow, I like her a lot!

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