Thursday, March 18, 2010

Free Music: My Bubba & Mi

Last night I discovered this folky trio from Denmark on the 3voor12 Luisterpaal, a great place to listen to new and upcoming albums. I was immediately attracted by their gorgeous and promising albumart, and fortunately after a first listen it seemed to definitely have fulfilled its promise with ten songs with everything that you always love in scandinavian music and that make you want summer to start even sooner.
My Bubba & Mi are three girls from Denmark, Sweden and Iceland that became room mates in an apartment in Copenhagen. My Bubba & Mi is a special female trio that reeled me in with their intriguing mix of folk, expert finger picking and vocal harmonies so warm they’ll melt the biggest glacier. They themselves are far more down-to-earth. “lullabies from the countryside”, is what the ladies call it. The latter might be a more accurate description, as the trio headed to the sunny, wide fields of southern Italy to record their début. The story goes as follows. An Italian bar-owner was cycling through the city of Copenhagen on holiday. He was taken in by hypnotising sounds seeping through the window of a small bar nearby. Overpowered by his curiosity the man entered and saw My, Bubba and Mia performing for a small audience. A fan was born. The man invited the ladies to come to Italy to perform their music. “All right”, the threesome said and they left. A second invitation followed soon afterwards, this time to record a CD. “Agreed”, the answer was yet again and they packed their bags. Yes, that’s how simple life can be. ‘How it’s done in Italy’ is the mesmerizing début of My Bubba & Mi and furthermore the first Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck release from an international artist. The album will be released on March 8th on CD and vinyl. The 1,500 covers are – believe it or not – hand-made by the band members themselves. Each cover is a unique piece of art. So don't hesitate and give these girls a listen to the full album stream and buy it on cd or vinyl.



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Binnenkort is hun CD presentatie in Utrecht.
vrijdag 9 april 2010
Houtzaagmolen, De Ster - Lombok - Utrecht


Wow, dat is zeer dichtbij (10 minuten fietsen). Daar ga ik zeker even heen.

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