Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Fallulah is one of my most recent discoveries. Fallulah, 24 year old Maria Apetri, will surely join the ranks of Bat For Lashes, Jenny Wilson and Marina & The Diamonds, as part of the new emerging wave of proud, bold and adventurous female popartists. Fallulah creates popmusic with finesse, integrity and a fiery, hot- tempered feel of Central Europe. Her songs defy genres and contain subtle elements of classic pop, rock´n´roll, indie, balkan, jazz and r&b. They are energetic and highly physical, which is reflected live, when Fallulah is backed by a tight quartet that plays with a teenth-grinding, feet-stomping bluesy rawness. Fallulah´s debutalbum “The Black Cat Neighbourhood” is a minimalistic horn-of-plenty; extremely ambitious and focused, but at the same time organic, personal and with an infectious, rogue energy; The catchy melodies are arranged around propulsive beats, playful percussion, folkloric strings, piano, choir, glockenspiel and dry, stabbing guitars. The album was released in February 2010 and succeeds the single “I Lay My Head”, which immediately became “Song of the week” on the highly influential Danish P3 Radio.

@ Kopenhagen, Denmark
♫ Indie, Pop, Alternative
♥ Use It For Good (mp3)
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wow, I'm confused (I handed in a 100-page thesis yesterday, that could be the reason...), I thought I had just listened to her song "bridges" here, then went checking out some of her other songs and eventually came back to see "use it for good".
as for the latter and her song "I lay my head": like them. but "bridges"...? it surprised me, because I didn't except it on let me like it, also maybe because it has a rather 'familiar' ring to it... not sure if it will end up on the radio, but it sounds like it would fit in there seamlessly.


Hi Nico!

Well you're right, I also decided that Bridges did not really fit on LMLI so I changed it to one of my favorite songs of the album: "Use It For Good" so you're not confused. Only totally right!

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