Sunday, April 25, 2010

Maria Due

Another lovely singer-songwriter hailing from Scandinavia, discovered through MySpace. Maria Due grew up outside of small town of Lillesand as a simple farm girl with a passion for dreaming and singing. She discovered popular music through a random meeting with a boy with a band in the local zoo. Her skills on the organ got her into the band, and she discovered the magic of finding good melodies and playing them together. Later there were other adventures, but this experience never lost it's shine, and she kept on playing and singing with people she met. She went to France and discovered independence, she went to Oslo and discovered studies, and then she discovered the guitar. The sound of an unknown chord made new songs come to the surface and she started gathering her own band. After a while she was ready with "All the Other Birds" on her side. The God for Random Things then sent her into Duper Studio with Yngve Sætre, who produced her debut album: "Kissing in Public". Which she oh so proudly presents. Musicians include Berit Kristoffersen, Ole Ludvig Kruger, Yngve Leidulv Sætre, Eirik Askerøi, Øystein Bergsvik and Matias Monsen. The music is tipping between French sixties cheerfulness, American seventies longing folk, Stereolab electronica and Jens Lekman indiepop, and landing as a sincere and personal expression.

@ Oslo, Norway
♫ Indie, Folk, Pop
♥ Come To Me (mp3)
♥ Hagerty Square (mp3)
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Christine H.

Something really captivating about her! Scary beautiful.

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