Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nic Dawson Kelly

Sometimes you discover great new upcoming talents by attending gigs of your favorite artists. (sometimes you don't haha) The same happened when I found out that a Nic Dawson Kelly is going to support Laura Marling in Amsterdam this coming monday.
Born up north in Sheffield, and now residing in the south where he switches his time between Brighton and Reading, Nic has lived all over, travelling from place to place and taking in Derby, Leeds, Reading, Brighton, Galway, London, Argentina and France along the way. “Due to all the moving about I didn't get too much of a solid education, what I did learn was from my father’s bookshelf and the records that I'd hear from the back of the car. My first tapes were Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers and Dylans "Street Legal" but I suppose influences would run through a wide range of people. Dylan and Waits the obvious. Describing himself as “a polite tear-away in youth who saw enough courtrooms to thankfully grow out of it!” Nic has worked more crap jobs than he cares to remember, “just to keep myself afloat and carry on doing what I loved doing...writing.” It is this experience which brings such a refreshing sense of honesty to Nic’s songwriting. “I try and write, musically, what I see. I suppose it's a simple as that. Writing how I feel or react or suppose is ongoing, conflicting almost. The songs on the record are changeable, a snapshot of the last few years.” Having already gained a reputation as a mesmeric live performer, Nic has played on bills with the likes of Jamie T, Laura Marling, Adele, Jason Molina and Richard Hawley, and a UK tour is currently being planned to coincide with the album’s release, although don’t expect the live show to be a carbon copy of songs from the album: “When they're played lived they may be different. That's a show after all, right?” Well I honestly can say that I'm really looking forward to seeing the live interpretations of his songs this monday. Meanwhile I'll continue on listening to his amazing debut album called ‘Old Valentine’ that was released last October. Thanks Laura, for introducing me to this incredibly talented singer-songwriter.

@ Brighton, UK
♫ Acoustic, Folk Rock
♥ Marilyn (mp3)
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