Saturday, May 8, 2010

Free Music: He Is We

He is We are Trevor Kelly (acoustic guitar) and Rachel Taylor (vocals). They met working at Ted Brown Music in Tacoma, WA. When you spend a lot of time with someone and you don’t end up hating them… chances are you’re going to be great pals. They both played music but different kinds. Rachel is into indie pop,melodic metal and girlie stuff. Trevor is into the hardcore metal that talks about bloody things and such. Oh the madness! But it just clicked…And they started writing songs together. The band has changed its members around a bit trying to find the ones that fit. Its all about the right combination. Everythings finally settling down now and they are currently in the process of recording and releasing their debut EP. They recently released “A Mess It Grows” on iTunes, the first single of the upcoming EP. To keep you busy till the full EP drops they decided to share all the music they’ve done up to now for FREE on their Bandcamp page. So don’t hesitate but start downloading already!

1. I Wouldn't Mind
2. Blame It On The Rain
3. Breathe
4. Pardon Me
5. Blame It On The Rain
6. Give It All (mp3)
7. Happily Ever After (mp3)
8. Light A Way
9. Pardon Me
10. Pour Me Out
11. Too Beautiful
12. Radio




That girl's voice is beautiful. :)


I love He is We. :)


honestly the best band i have heard in a while. so worth downloading.. i cannot believe theyre not more famous! showed all my mates and they are all as equally in love!

Luna Rose

in love with this band, there my favorite :) there music is amaaaazing :D

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