Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Free Music: Stef Lang

Last year, Stephanie Lang (aka Stef Lang)was featured on here. The post ended with the promise of an upcoming EP, now almost eight months later Stephanie's debut album is about to be released. The good thing is that you can actualy download it now, for FREE!! For the ones not familiar with Stef's music yet, head over to the earlier post, or read the small biography beneath.
I'm originally from a small town (Ladysmith, BC on Vancouver Island). Most people can't figure out my ethnicity, so here's a secret...(I'm half Filipino, half Canadian). At 17, I left small town life and moved to Vancouver to pursue music. The last three years have been spent playing every pub, bar, club, cafe I could weasel my way into, writing over 250 songs to hone my craft, and building relationships with very diverse and talented people. I'm 21 now, just released my EP "Blood and Bravery" via Universal/Hipjoint Muisc, which I wrote, recorded and produced. My full length debut album "The Underdog" is set to drop June 1st 2010

1. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
2. The Phoenix
3. The Underdog
4. Bend A Little, Bend A Lot
5. Mr. Immature
6. Slave2Love
7. Closet Freak
8. Be Gentle
9. The Other Side
10. Straitjacket
11. Foolish
12. Diamonds



Thanks for the link. This album is kind of all over the place. Diamonds is a good song though.


Haha yeah I noticed that too. I actually posted it before I listened it through, thought it would be more like her previous releases..

jessica stalker

hi i'm ur niece jessica and i love ur music it touches my heart and i hope someday we can get together and possibly go through my songs and ur my insperation and u help me begin my first lyrics and songs.

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