Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jessica Frech

Call it fate, call it whatever you want but if I had not logged into MySpace today, the first time in months, I would not have discovered  singer-songwriter Jessica Frech. Jessica is a guitarist, ukulele player, and enjoys performing barefoot. An interesting quirk to an interesting show where the songbird from Nashville, TN always brings a unique performance that is entertaining and funny. Along with Jessica’s honey and smoke voice, she combines acoustic instruments with a twist of creative wordplay to form humorous and bright imagery that everyone can relate to. Jessica’s sultry voice is compared to such artists as Norah Jones, Ingrid Michaelson and Sarah McLachlan. After years of performing at state fairs, festivals, coffee houses and songwriter nights, Jessica decided to hit the studio for some recording time. Her latest EP “Grapefruit” contains six original songs; happy, zippy tunes that are catchy and fun. Her style crosses musical borders from jazz, to soul, to folk-based pop. Keep an eye on this young rising star that is enthralling audiences with her cleaver lyrics and engaging performances. Jessica Frech is sure to be shining brightly in a very short time.

@ Nashville, USA
♫ Folk, Pop


Music for Songwriters

Jessica is a hidden gem I can tell you that much...kudos on discovering i know another fan of jessica...

Danika Holmes

This blog about Jessica is great. I actually find myself to be pretty similar to her and her style. Would love for you to check out my site at


a blog deserted? :-(

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