Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm back..

Hi everyone,

sorry for not getting back at you earlier, but I have been incredibly busy for my classes, and since I'm in my third year of my Psychology major, it's also really important to give it all the time it needs. 

That is why I decided to change things a little at LMLI, go back to the basics that was and still is sharing great music with you. Not in all posts I'll review the artists, but instead will copy some information for the ones that want to know a little about the artists, instead of only listening to the songs.

And that new version of LMLI will start TONIGHT!

Please still feel free to send your recommendations and promo's as it helps me to decided what to put on this blog. 

Thanks for your patience!



welcome back... good to have you back!
your insights and taste in music are great.

keep it up


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