Saturday, December 8, 2007

Alela Diane

"Dreamy folk songs, sung with an voice that will leave you speechless."
Alela Diane Menig is an American singer and songwriter, who is associated with the psych folk and New Weird America musical genres. She grew up singing with her musician parents and performing in the school choir. She taught herself guitar, and began writing songs which blend tense, trance-like arpeggios with warm vocals and meditative lyrics about family and nature. Her first recordings were self-released in 2003 as “Forest Parade”. Her first public appearances were at the invitation of fellow Nevada City native Joanna Newsom. The songs for her next album, “The Pirate’s Gospel”, were written on a trip to Europe. They were recorded in her father’s studio and were initially again self-released in 2004, in paper and lace sleeves with hand lettering. The album was issued in revised form by Holocene Music in October 2006, and received widespread critical acclaim . A new song, "Dry Grass and Shadows", was issued on a compilation of Nevada City artists, and five more new songs were issued on a limited-edition 10” vinyl pressing, “Songs Whistled Through White Teeth”, released in the UK in October 2006. Alela Diane has toured in the USA both solo and with Tom Brosseau and Lisa Germano, and has also opened for the Decemberists, Akron/Family and Vashti Bunyan. She will be performing in the UK in April 2007. According to a recent interview she intends releasing her second album later this year. She now lives in Portland, Oregon.

@ Nevada City, USA
Folk, Acoustic, Indie
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