Monday, December 3, 2007

Said The Whale

"Smart, honest music"
Said The Whale is an indie band without the indie baggage. No irony, no hipster posing. Said The Whale's music is witty and smart and artful and soulful. They are the sound of Vancouver's perpetually grey skies and snow topped mountains and the Lions Gate Bridge. The sound of being trapped by water on three sides and the Coastal Range on the fourth. The sound of laying on your back in Stanley Park on a warm summer day watching the clouds. The sound of being twenty-something and free and heartbroken. Said The Whale is one-part Brian Wilson, one-part Nick Cave, a dash of the Shins, sprinkled with the Decemberists. Leave out the world of weary woe, shake, pour into your favorite legion glass and enjoy. They're a young band heading out into the world with a sound of their own.

@ Vancouver, Canada
Indie, Rock, Acoustic
This Winter, I Retire (mp3)
Official Website
+ Free EP


Humbert Humbert

great work buddy, keep it up!! I really enjoy discovering new bands and your blog features some great artists.

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