Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Catherine Feeny

I was born, third of three, to the Feeny's of Mt. Airy, Pennsylvania. Both of my parents grew up in big Irish Catholic families in Philadlephia boroughs. My mother was an english teacher; she inspired in me an unnatural affinity for melancholy and fiction. My father worked with his hands, painting, carpentering, fixing, and teaching me to ride my bike in the morning before school. They married a few years after my dad came back from Vietnam. We had a big yard. I climbed trees and drew pictures and went to school. I hung around with kids in the neighborhood. At some point, I borrowed an Ibanez electric from my uncle Michael. I took guitar lessons at the local music store. I learned songs by Led Zeppelin and The Cure. When I saw Sinead O'Connor's on tv, I returned the electric guitar to its rightful owner and started to play my dad's acoustic." I don't know why I spend my time Writing songs I can't believe With words that tear and strain to rhyme" -P. Simon, "Kathy's Song," 1965

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