Saturday, July 5, 2008


Firekites is a Newcastle emerged collective revolving around the acoustic musings of four main players…Tim Mcphee (The Instant), Rod Smith, Jane Tyrrell (The Herd) & Jason Tampake (Josh Pyke) and are the latest signing to Aussie label Spunk! Tucked away for the past two years, Firekites have been persistently self-recording their first musical offering – a debut LP, "The Bowery". Sonically rich & musically diverse, Firekites have drawn together disparate, sometimes juxtaposed, influences resulting in a record that covers some unexpected ground. Blurring the lines between lo-fi jazz, folk pop and subtle electronica. The release The Bowery was named after the first art-deco coffee-house of its kind in Newcastle and was an appropriate backdrop for the initial sessions. Ten self-recorded tracks take their place on the debut LP out now through Spunk!

@ Newcastle, Australia
Indie, Jazz, Pop
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they don't work when i downloaded them. :/

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