Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Emma-Lee is another great discovery through
Her sound is at times swingin' jazz, at others dreamy 50's pop, with hints of folk and blues all delivered by a voice rich and sweet as a red velvet cupcake. While Emma-Lee grew up listening to songwriting greats like Joni Mitchell and jazz legends such as Ella Fitzgerald, Emma-Lee's weakness still lay in the appreciation of a great pop melody. Now 25 years-old, Emma-Lee's music shows a confidence that would make even her most veteran contemporaries smile. She's been nominated for Best Female Artist & Best Jazz Artist at Toronto's Independent Music Awards,has had her songs used in four different films and has been entertaining audiences at some of Toronto's best venues. After releasing two EPs, "The Waiting Room" and "The Sneak Peak", her first album "Never Just A Dream" released in 2008

@ Toronto, Canada


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