Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hatched in a dim lit attic in Reykjavík, at the dawn of 2006 Rökkurró's five founding members began conversing in smooth tones, drawing inspiration from the silky sunrays that crept through the windows. A self-released 4 track EP hit the streets only 6 months after they had formed and this EP, along with a powerful performance on one of the off-venue shows at Iceland Airwaves 2006, landed them a record deal with local label 12 Tónar. They released their first album “Það kólnar í kvöld...” (It gets colder tonight) in November 2007. Rökkurró present music that is at once soothing and forceful. The folk-tinged reverie of the wailing accordion and carefully plucked guitars sends you off sailing through the clouds while the dramatic cello and clever drumming demand your full attention.

@ Reykjavik, Iceland
♫ Alternative, Folk
Ferdalangur (mp3)
Allt Gullid (mp3)


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