Friday, September 12, 2008

Lucy Schwartz

When I discovered Lucy Schwartz a while ago, I promised myself to have a closer look at her later, but totally forgot about her in all the summer-vacation-madness.

Lucy Schwartz is a singer/songwriter with an “old soul” that belies her young age of eighteen. Although her influences are varied, the result is a truly original and timeless musical voice. She just released a CD of original songs titled "Winter in June". The film "The Women" will feature two new songs Lucy wrote for the opening scene and the closing scene of the movie. In 2007 she was the winner of the International Songwriting Competition in the teen category for her song "I Don't Know a Thing". She was voted favorite artist in the October 2007 BMI podcast featuring Los Angeles songwriters. This year, Lucy’s songs have been featured various TV series.


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