Monday, April 27, 2009

The Family Tree

The Family Tree was in the top friends list of Joy Williams' new band The Civil Wars. It was like love at first sight when I saw their beautiful profilepicture (I really like photography). Fortunately it is not only their photo that I like. No, actually it is their music that I like the most. The Family Tree features the beautiful vocals of Tofer Brown and Laura Licata. Both started as a solo act before they started with The Family Tree. Tofer Brown who's voice reminds me of Landon Pigg, even released an album under his real name Chris Brown called"Subject to Change" and an EP "Bigger Things" under his new name Tofer in 2007. Laura, the other half of The Family Tree reminds me a bit of JJ Heller also does not seem to be new in the music business because of the various demos on her myspace profile, and her picture in a four-female band. Although Laura and Tofer both sound convincing in their soloact, it is the unique and perfect combination of their talents, and voices what makes the The Family Tree so special. Both their voices align so perfectly together that it brings out the best in 'em. With three highly infectious folk pop songs that were released so far I'm sure this can't be the last we've heard from them. Let's hope that several beautiful albums will appear in the future on this newly emerged music tree.

@ Nashville, USA
♫ Folk, Pop, Acoustic
♥ Town Crier (mp3)
♥ Fool's Love (mp3)
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