Friday, April 24, 2009


I instantly fell in love with Laleh when I heard her first single a few years ago. Her special vocals and use of instruments created an atmosphere that I'll probably love forever. It will remain a mystery why I did not write about her earlier, probably I did not fully appreciate her music they way I do now? In Sweden, Laleh is pretty popular despite the fact that I won't consider her music to be the most radio-friendly, it is at least (unfortunately) not the regular, boring stuff you hear on the radio here. Although I certainly think that everyone who is willing to open up for a special musical experience will enjoy Laleh's brilliant work.
Laleh Pourkarim, born June 10, 1982 in Iran, is a Swedish singer-songwriter of Iranian origin. She came to Sweden when she was 12 and went to school in Gothenburg. She personally produced and wrote her 2005 eponymous debut album. At the Swedish Grammis Awards for 2005, she received seven nominations and won three: Artist of the Year, Producer of the Year, and New Artist of the Year. She also had a major acting role in the Swedish movie Jalla! Jalla!, directed by Josef Fares, which was a big success at the Swedish box office in 2000. Laleh Pourkarim still lives in Göthenburg, Sweden with her family. She studied music and drama at Hvitfeltska Gymnasiet. Greatest interests include music; she sings and plays the saxophone and percussion instruments in different bands. She likes to play all kinds of music but has a greater bent for folk music, jazz and rhythm and blues. More about the producer part; "I am a producer to all the discs I made, that's half the fun, I think, that regulate and control all parts where the song and I want to be. Since I am technologies simplifies this for me as a producer there are no borders and then what you know to do and you get the opportunity to sit alone and work, it is so nice to sit alone and work at my own pace and in a fast pace without compromising. I have also rediscovered "classical" music and orchestra which you can hear in my song "Snö". I wrote the text of the song when I was watching the snow on the way home one night, I stayed up and really looked at the glittering snow, and felt a kind of longing, really hard to explain but you will understand . It is strange how a small idea can grow into a feeling and then a song . But even though I know it is me who wrote everything, it feels not like I can take the honour for me, it feels as if the songs come from all out of the air and they are living their own lives, then I happen to be lucky to succeed in capturing them, I do not know how I can explain but I think you understand what I mean.

@ Göthenburg, Sweden
♫ Indie, Folk, Alternative
♥ Big City Love (mp3)
♥ Simon Says (mp3)
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Wow she's pretty amazing!! She reminds me a bit of early early Tegan and Sara

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