Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Zee Avi

Zee Avi was recommended to me by a friend and after the first thirty seconds I thought I was listening to a somewhat female version of Jack Johnson with a jazzier voice. So it was less surprising when I noticed that she's actually signed to Jack Johnson's record label: Brushfire Records. Zee is also known as KokoKaina on Youtube, that proves once again to be a great source and promotiontool for very talented singer-songwriters. Zee Avi has everything to be the next worldwide hit!
Zee Avi is just 23 but she’s an old soul. A huge talent in a petite frame bringing a universal message from the unlikely birthplace of Borneo, an ancient island east of Malaysia which remains an untouched, natural paradise, an apt description of her songs. How Avi came to record her debut album in L.A., the first joint release from Ian Montone’s Monotone Label and Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records, is a true 21st century tale of the way the Internet has transformed the music business and shrunk the globe in the process. Born in the tiny town of Miri in Sarawak on the island of Borneo, Zee grew up near the South China Sea in a liberal, encouraging household where her father owned an energy consultancy. “I was bred to be a lawyer,” she says, but music was in her blood. Her father’s father sang and played double-bass, accordion, violin and guitar in bands. At age 12, Zee moved from Borneo to Kuala Lumpur where she has been based since. At 17, Zee started locking herself in a room for hours on end to learn to play guitar. Guitar took a back seat for 4 years while she was studying fashion design in London. When she returned to Kuala Lumpur, she picked the instrument back up and began writing songs and performing with a band. Zee began recording her songs on a webcam and posting them on YouTube for a friend to hear. “I remember getting so excited when there was one new comment from some random person I didn’t know… One read ‘I’m lost for words - I shall favorite it and ponder if that’s OK,’ ” The day before her 22nd birthday, Zee posted what she intended to be “my last video,” a holiday song, “No Christmas for Me.” By the time she checked her e-mail Avi had almost 3,000 messages including a slew of label offers. One email came from Ian Montone, who had been shown the YouTube clip by Raconteurs’ drummer, Patrick Keeler, prompting Montone to get in touch and offer to release her music on the Monotone Label. With an eclectic pool of influences that range from such eccentrics as Cat Power, Regina Spektor, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Jolie Holland, Daniel Johnston and Chris Garneau, to jazz greats Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, to classics like Velvet Underground and Led Zeppelin, this self-described “rock lover at heart” captures the dark, bittersweet qualities of romance with a crack left open for hope and optimism.



Great recommendation I almost didn't check it out because of the comparison to Jack Johnson. I'm not a fan of his music really but I am now a fan of Zee Avi.

Milo Skilos

yeah.her music is irresistible!


She's fabulous! Love the Jazz influence in her voice.


I'm so proud to be Malaysian.. :)


been following since youtube..


luv ur song so much...well done...proud to be sarawakian...;-)


oh my god. she was my ex-schoolmate.



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