Monday, April 7, 2008


My fileden account got suspended today.
I've no idea why, and did not get a warning.
The unfortunate result is that all tracks uploaded
to that server can't be downloaded, for now. Bear with me!

Now, I'm desperately looking for some FREE new serverspace.


Update: I think I'm going to try, thanks Litho.
However, I'm still hoping that nothing is lost from fileden.

I'm reuploading everything to fileden now, might take a while..



What about Rapidshare, Sendspace, Yourfile Host,


I thought about that, of course. But rapidshare etc. don't support hotlinking/directlinking to the files. And that's what I want.

Thanks for the help though!


what about hotlinkfiles? or you can open a new fileden account.


Yeah I of course thought of opening a new fileden account, but I still risk losing that account again, reupping and changing all the links in the blogposts costs that much time, that I don't want to risk that.

I'll try hotlinkfiles, thanks for the tip.


Probarly because you didn't login for xx days? Although I don't think so because you are very active with uploading files.

Most mails from are in my junk-mail some how. So, maybe look in that directory.


did you ever get a solution to this problem? because i'm having a tough time looking for another site as well.

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