Wednesday, April 23, 2008


A few weeks back my computer started acting weird. Random power-offs, and startup problems haunted me every day. After a week of intensive research on the internet, concluded it was my RAM that was causing all the problems. I bought two new RAM modules and everything seemed fine until the problems started again this morning.

At first my computer wouldn't get past the windows XP logo, and after I finally managed to get logged in, it shut itself down every 10 minutes. I'm on my mom's (very old) PC now.

So, no new posts from me 'til I have enough money to buy a new PC or laptop.
Any suggestions?

Edit: Computer might be fixed. Expect some updates soon!



Get a macbook. I've had 3 PCs and had to buy several new components when old ones failed. I've never had to do anything to fix either of the two Apple computers I've owned. Prejudices aside, they're just made better. It has nothing to do with the OS, and you can even run Vista on it if you want, but the hardware is more stable for some reason.

I found you as a listener to a random track on, btw.


Hi, first of all... I love your blog, I visit very often. I've found some very GREAT GEMS here, so thank you a loooot.

Now, is it the blue screen thingie? 'cause maybe did that and it just needed a defragmentation and it worked like a charm.


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