Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Poney Express

"A duo creating extremely catchy folk pop songs"
Poney Express is a folk pop duo formed by Anna (Previously singer for the french band Tétard) & Robin Feix (Bassist for Louise Attaque) This is a huge meeting between two musicians who is a couple on stage and in the real life.Everything is here…banjo, Folk guitar, harmonica & cinematographic inspiration - The whole album sounds like a old western The band wanted to record their album in Glasgow the town of Belle and Sebastian but they finally did this first record in Cardiff in August 2007 with Charlie Francis (REM, The Noisettes) This first LP is called “Daisy Street”

@ Paris, France
Folk, Pop


Alexandra Fitzmorris

I love both of those bands, and adore some of the music coming out of France right now. The MV is great- the stop-motion/frame skip technique never fails to grab me! However, MVs can't hold together a song. The song certainly holds its own. Awesome!

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