Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sheri Miller

"Amazing vocals from this grown up singer-songwriter from New York, one to watch!"
Born in a musical household in Long Island, New York, Sheri grew up listening to her mother, an opera singer belt out beautiful arias in the night, while playing classical Debussy piano. Sheri’s uncle, an accomplished recording engineer in Los Angeles, educated Sheri with his hand-made mix tapes of Pink Floyd, Hungarian Gypsy Music, Diamanda Galas and Etta James. Sheri began to compose her own passionate original songs as a young child, on the ivory-keyed upright brown piano in her den. Fast foward a few years later, when on a surreal Sunday afternoon in Philadelphia, something magical happened to Sheri, changing her life. “I had been writing songs in my room for months, which was a 20-minute walk from the jazz music room, which had all the practice pianos. And I knew I was definitely not writing enough because it was such a big hassle to walk all those long blocks downtown. Over the next couple of months, I started dreaming steadily at night, about keyboards, about buying a used keyboard. I clearly remember one Saturday night in particular, I had an extremely vivid dream about this small black, white and gray Casio keyboard. The next morning I woke up with the image of the keyboard still clear in my mind, and took a different more scenic route that day, through an underpass of green trees. So I’m walking, and there’s this one-day church sale, where they had the exact Casio keyboard I had dreamed of the night before. I quickly ran to the ATM, bought the keyboard for $20 and started seriously writing my songs on that sweet, broken-keyed, buzzing Casio from that day on.” Soon after this, Sheri moved back to New York to Park Slope, Brooklyn, and made steady rounds at local open mics like The Raven, while practicing her acoustic guitar and keyboard for hours in her basement apartment. She is quite excited to release her new CD, “Mantra” out into the world.

@ New York, USA
Indie, Folk, Pop
Wasting My Breath (mp3)
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