Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Joey Ryan

"Delicate, honest vocals make this a singer-songwriter to look out for "
One of the readers of this blog, Lisa, pointed my at this wonderful singer-songwriter. Thanks!
Joey Ryan grew up with listening to Bob Dylan and thought he certainly would never play music for a living. He went to class and after that college attended a college. But instead of pursuing a career in psychology he started singing and released his first full length record called "Good Enough" back in 2005 his "The California EP" followed in 2007. He just finished his new album set for release this summer, entitled "...With Its Roots Above and Its Branches Below". Two tracks of that album 'Loving You' and As It Must Be, have been featured in One Tree Hill. And last March the song 'California' was used by UNICEF for use in their television commercials for their TAP Project which provided drinking water to the world's poorest children.

@ Los Angeles, USA
Acoustic, Indie, Folk
As It Must Be (mp3)
Official Website


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