Friday, June 13, 2008

Priscilla Ahn

Another great singer-songwrite I unintentionally kept away from your ears. I liked this girl ever since her first EP came out back in 2006, and because her first album "A Good Day" has been recently released, I couldn't keep her away from you longer!

Priscilla picked up the guitar at age 14, urged to do so by her classic rock loving dad, but truly inspired once she heard a guy in her high school play. After a lot of open-mic evenings she decided to give the musicscene a go and packed her belongings in a car and left her Pennsylvania home for L.A. She soon found steady gigs as well as a supportive circle of fellow artists and a record deal with Bluenote Records. She released her self-titled EP indepently; two tracks, “Dream” and “I Don’t Think So,” were revamped for "A Good Day" that saw it's release not long ago.

@ Los Angeles, USA
Indie, Folk, Pop
Dream (mp3)
Official Website


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