Friday, June 6, 2008

Sea Wolf

When I found Sea Wolf a year ago, I really loved their sound; but they hadn't release any material yet, so added them on MySpace and, unfortunately, forgot about it. Three days ago I found them again in my friendlist, and realised they ha an album out since last year. And fell in love with the songs again!
Alex Church, alias (lead singer of) Sea Wolf was born in the small gold rush town of Columbia, Calif., Church’s musical memories were shaped by ad hoc bluegrass outfits playing for tourists on sidewalks of his hometown and platters of Beatles and Willie Nelson on his mom’s turntable. His first EP "Get to the River Before it Runs Too Low" got it's release on Dangerbird Records early last year, and was soon followed by first LP "Leaves in the River". Although, sea wolves probably do not exist, I would love to have one; only if it was half as nice as how this "sea wolf" sounds..

@ Los Angeles, USA
Indie, Alternative, Pop
You're A Wolf (mp3)
Official Website


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