Sunday, October 19, 2008

6 Day Riot

6 Day Riot march on from their successful debut album "Folie A Deux" with renewed vigour and a refined sense of identity. Ideas are flowing thick and fast. Rhythms are more eclectic and varied. Lyrics more focused. Live performances more impassioned. The bands musical palette has expanded the bluegrass/klezmer hybrid of album one to a sound distinctly and resolutely their own; fuelled by the creativity, imagination and technical ability of the players. Hot on the heels of the EP release this summer album no 2 is scheduled for release at the start of '09 With Tamara Schlesinger’s vocal travelling on the top like a jockey on the hump of a camel it makes for an interesting ride. ‘The Last Stand’ has some interesting drumming that circles like percussive echoes from canons ricocheting off each other in some huge naval battle - add in some faintly mariachi trumpet and you have something as satisfying as pastrami on a bagel. This sort of tasty mouthful is repeated across all four tracks. Tamara’s vocal dominates ‘Sky Father’, whilst ukuleles chime the opening of ‘Gerald & the Gliders’ and with the soft velvet touch of the vocal, it is a seductive mix. If you stir all of the ingredients together you get ‘Go! Canada’ which shows 6DR off to their best advantage, a sparkling mixture of old and new which makes this a very tasty appetiser for their next album

@ London, UK
♫ Alternative, Folk, Pop
Go! Canada (mp3)
Sky Father (mp3)



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