Thursday, October 9, 2008

ODi - 300th post!

ODi's story began when she uploaded some home recordings to My Space. People here, there and everywhere began to listen to her songs, loved what they heard and asked when her next gig was. Inspired by this and armed with a beautiful, raw, voice, a cheap guitar, won on ebay, and her heart on her sleeve, ODi headed down to her local venue to blag her first gig. Her story has grown from there. Two years on, ODi was invited to support Seth Lakeman at the Beverley Folk Festival. Along the way, the hard working Wexford woman has played over 200 gigs across the UK, Ireland and Germany. Released 2 well received singles "Crawl" and "What You Deserve" whilst developing an ever growing fanbase. She’s also managed to trade in the cheap guitar for a better one! Her captivating voice and well crafted songs have already been likened to those of Suzanne Vega and Natalie Merchant. The musical landscapes on her recordings hinting towards a female version of Damien Rice, with a touch of PJ Harvey thrown in for good measure.October sees ODi bring her new EP “A Superman” to the UK. She will enter the studio, late 2008 to record her debut album, due for release in summer 2009.



300!!! Congrats to this tremendous number. :)

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