Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cocoanut Groove

Some weeks ago I read about Cocoanut Groove, and yesterday, I finally got my hands on some of their music! When I'm listening to Cocoanut Groove, like the name implies, I feel like being on sunny beaches in the end of the summer.. Try it!
Cocoanut Groove is the solo project of Olov Antonsson, who began making recordings under that name in the summer of 2007. Joined on his first recordings by Calle Thoor, Mattias Malm, Ivar Lantz, Frida Danielsson, Antonsson formulated sleek, drowsy, mournful indie pop sound reminiscent of the Clientele and rooted in the sweet psychedelia of the Zombies and Mortimer. Cocoanut Groove’s debut seven-inch, “The End of Summer on Bookbinder Road”/ “Shadow”, was released on London’s Phonic Kidnapping Recordings in May 2008. A full-length album, Madeleine Street, is slated for release on the Swedish label Fridlyst later this year.

@ Brighton, UK


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