Monday, October 20, 2008


As you probably have noticed, I changed my layout (again). Just wasn't feeling the previous one! The original layout was pretty boring, with grey, black an white colors only, and no tiled background, but I changed it. Hope you like it, I do! I also added something new in the sidebar called Followers, which is a nice new widget that keeps track of everyone that follows this blog, and gives you updates about new posts as well. So please add yourself as a follower! Two other nice widgets found their way to the sidebar, one showing photos of bands featured on this blog, and the other a nice tag cloud. (All earlier post will be tagged (after) tuesday)

Some questions for you:

*Would you like to have a star rating system again?
*Is there anything you want on the blog? (not artist, but features)
*Please join the group (link is on the menu above) if you didn't already!

Thanks all for the support, that is what keeps me coming back! (and my love for music of course)



You still post whole cds on the blog?


Looks great!


I also like this one better than the previous one, great work! I must say I never used the star rating system so to me it is not that important.
Thank you for all the work you put into this blog, I have found many new and interesting artists through it that I would not have found if it wasn't for you:)


Thanks for the feedback everyone!


Star rating system please!

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