Saturday, January 3, 2009

Birdie Busch

"Honest, bluesy vocals, original lyrics make this a one-of-a-kind singer-songwriter"
First of all, a very Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you have a nice new year's eve with family friends etc. I did! 2009, I'm sure will be an amazing year, lot's of great releases are coming up, and LetMeLikeit will very likely be on an own domain soon!
In 2006, The Village Voice said of her acclaimed debut, The Ways We Try [Bar/None] is one of the slyest neo-folk records in recent memory, it’s blues loopy and eccentric, and it’s simple melodies often as inspired as Syd Barrett’s.” Recorded with friend, producer, and all around madman musician Devin Greenwood (Norah Jones, Amos Lee) just a few years after learning guitar and crafting songs, it was an intimate collage of journal meanderings and quiet vignettes about Philadelphia neighborhoods, multi-generational ties, and coming-of-age amidst all of it. In September of 2007, Penny Arcade [Bar/None], recorded again with Devin Greenwood, built on the promise of The Ways We Try and Birdie continued to win over discerning ears. Penny Arcade proved to be a rousing musical manifesto with declarations of forgiveness, mercy, mysticism, and beyond and included Birdie’s interpretation of the Steve Miller Band gem, “Wild Mountain Honey.” And now, for 2008, Birdie gathered up the gear and band and set up in the house of her friend, band member, and producer Craig Hendrix north of Philadelphia to record what will be her third LP. You can hear in this new record her writing, melodies, musical colorings, and arrangements continuing to grow, expand, and incoporate more thought. Birdie shifts from being more of just a rhythmic player, to honing in on creating guitar parts and exploring her love of blues and classical music. She takes on personas such as that of a Mexican dishwasher. Keep your ears peeled for its 2009 release……

@ Philadelphia, USA
♫ Alternative, Folk, Acoustic
Mystical (mp3)
Rabbit's Foot (mp3)



Great song, thanks for the introduction!

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